RIVERDALE, Ga. — Three Riverdale firefighters were injured in a crash in Clayton County Thursday morning.

The crash happened on Taylor Road and Highway 138.

Channel 2 Action News has learned that the firefighters from the Riverdale fire department were rushed to the hospital. One of the firefighters was critically injured and the other two had serious injuries. Their names have not been released.

The firefighter who was critically injured was ejected, officials said.

Sources told Channel 2 Action News that the truck was on its way to a fire call when it crashed.

Channel 2′s Tyisha Fernandes talked to witnesses, who said that the fire truck rolled several times before crashing into some trees.

Sable Barber was working at Riverdale Church on Taylor Road Thursday morning when she heard a load noise that made her walk outside.

“So I was standing in our office just talking on the phone, and I looked and I saw the truck flipping,” Barber said. “I was like, “OMG! OMG!’ It was unbelievable.”

Sable saw emergency crews pull two people out of the front windows of the truck.

The crash is still under investigation, including how fast the driver was going.

“That person had to be going so fast around that curve, because I travel that way, and you have to be very careful, because there’s a blind spot. Like you can’t even see cars coming around,” Sable said.