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People are the most vulnerable at the beginning of their life, as well as near the end. We put our elderly in nursing homes because they can not care for themselves. Nursing homes and other caregivers staff are responsible for the physical care of their residents, as well as for their psychological, mental, and social well-being. 

Our elderly have a right to expect that the health care system will keep up with life-prolonging medical advances by ensuring dignity and quality of life in later years. This is the promise we make to our parents and our loved ones: that we will honor their right to spend their last years in peace and dignity with a standard of medical care and treatment that is reasonable. 

Unfortunately, our health care delivery system has not honored this promise to all our elderly. According to the Nursing Home Abuse Justice, 5 million elders are abused every year.

ProPublica, a non-profit investigative news source, found that Georgia is among the top ten states for nursing home violations. Their findings also indicate that approximately 10% of nursing homes in Georgia have serious deficiencies. 

If your loved one has suffered injury or ailment due to improper care at a nursing home in Georgia, legal recourse might be available. It’s important that you find an experienced Atlanta nursing home abuse attorney who can advocate on your behalf and help you recover compensation for your losses. Nursing home abuse attorneys at The ORLANDO Firm, P.C., are committed to fighting for the rights of you and your family.


According to the Georgia Department of Human Services, abuse and neglect of older and disabled adults (at-risk adults) at nursing homes are “one of the most undetected and underreported problems in the U.S.” The state of Georgia has rules about the management of adult daycare centers and nursing homes. These rights, according to the law, make sure the elderly are treated properly in nursing homes across the state, as well as in Atlanta, GA. The elderly have to right not to suffer sexual abuse, nursing home neglect, or to be exploited in any other way.

Elder abuse refers to any intentional or negligent act by a caregiver or any other person that puts an elderly at risk for harm. It can take several forms, including:

  • Physical abuse, including sexual abuse
  • Emotional abuse
  • Financial exploitation
  • Neglect

Different Types of Elder Abuse in a Nursing Home

1- Physical Abuse

Physical abuse is defined as the use of physical force that might lead to personal injury, pain, or discomfort. It can include pushing, beating, tripping, burning, or other ways of inflicting bodily harm to a nursing home resident. Sexual abuse is considered to be a form of physical abuse by the law. It is defined as any kind of non-consensual sexual contact with the elderly. It includes unwanted touching, all sorts of sexual assault or battery, as well as sexually explicit photographing.

The victim of nursing home residents has to suffer these kinds of abuse if their family members don’t spare time for them. However, if the family members take care of their elderly residents and deal with abuse in Atlanta, Georgia, according to laws and regulations, things will become better.

2- Emotional Abuse

Emotional abuse consists of using tactics through words or actions that cause emotional distress, pain, or anguish. Emotionally abusive words or actions include insults, intimidation, isolation, threats, or harassment.

3- Financial Abuse

Financial abuse or financial exploitation of the senior is a common incident. Financial exploitation is the unlawful or improper use of an elder’s funds, assets, or property. It includes cashing an elderly’s checks without permission or authorization, stealing an elder’s money or possessions, forging his or her signature, as well as coercing or tricking an elder into signing any document.

4- Elder abuse

Neglect occurs when a caregiver refuses or fails to fulfill any part of a person’s responsibility to look after the elder. Negligence is the most common type of elder abuse. It can include failure to provide food, water, medications, and assistance with the activities to the degree that it harms an elder.

The abuse can happen in the elder’s home, in the home of the caregiver, as well as in residential facilities for older persons such as nursing homes, group homes, or other similar facilities. If you believe your elderly is suffering abuse, you need to act as soon as possible and consult with an Atlanta nursing home abuse attorney.

Your loved one can not fight this battle alone. Let our law firm help you. In these highly specialized cases, families often find that retaining an attorney is their only recourse for honest answers and action following the death or serious injury of a loved one. Atlanta, GA, nursing home abuse lawyers at The Orlando Firm, P.C., are experienced in various practice areas, including nursing home negligence cases and other cases involving allegations of medical malpractice.


If you are worried that an elderly may be the victim of abuse, understanding the possible signs and indicators can help. Changes in a person’s behavior or emotional state can indicate a problem. The Elderly’s comments about being mistreated or the caretaker’s refusal to allow you to visit an elderly alone could be indicators of abuse.


Symptoms of Physical and Emotional Abuse

Symptoms of physical abuse include injuries or bruises in unusual places (such as the upper arms or genital area), sprains and dislocations, untreated injuries, or unexplained sexually transmitted diseases.

Change in appetite, longing for death, depression, being extremely withdrawn or isolated could be the signs of emotional abuse. Bedsores, unexplained falls, malnutrition, overmedication, or unsanitary conditions of living are also some of the symptoms of neglect and nursing home abuse.


Indications of Financial Abuse

When it comes to financial exploitation, indications could include unexplained bank account changes or money withdrawals, the disappearance of valuables, sudden transfer of assets or changes in a will, as well as the appearance of additional names on an elder’s bank account.

​If you are concerned about the health and safety of a parent or another family member who has received care in a nursing home or assisted living facility, we encourage you to reach out to our law firm today for a free consultation about your loved one’s circumstances and your family’s legal rights. Please, phone us at 404-373-1800 or toll-free at 1-866-373-1800. We will do our best to make sure that you make the recovery to which you are entitled. Our lawyers at The ORLANDO Firm, P.C., will do everything in their power to make sure that it doesn’t happen again.


If your loved one or an elderly family member is under the care of a caregiver or nursing home, you should have checks on them. Nowadays, innocent people blindly trust masked people and do not pay attention to neglect or abuse cases.

However, if you noticed any unusual behavior of the caregiver or your loved one, look for what is wrong. Nursing homes and caregivers promise to take care of your parent or dependant loved one, but what if they don’t do so?

It makes things worse, especially if you witness them being abused. Although physical abuse is somewhat easy to detect, financial abuse, sexual abuse nursing home abuse are difficult to detect. This is when you should hire an Atlanta nursing home abuse attorney to help you with the legal process.

An experienced lawyer can help you in abuse detection, filing charges against the caregiver/nursing home, and fight from your side in court against them. Nursing home neglect and abuse isn’t something that you should slide easily. It is a crime and should be punished strictly according to the law. Even negligence and abuse may lead to death.

At Orlando firm, we have the best lawyers to protect the rights of nursing home residents. Our lawyers are experts in their practice areas of financial, emotional, or physical abuse/sexual abuse and can definitely help you with the best legal advice for quality care of your loved ones. So, feel free to contact Orlando law firm attorneys to help nursing home residents fighting against abuse.


Fighting against a nursing home charged with abuse can be way too difficult than expected. They can remove evidence, hide records, and even threaten the patient – which isn’t acceptable. However, if you hire a lawyer to deal on your behalf, things will become somewhat easier.

An experienced attorney can help you file the case easily and take care of other stuff, like

  1. Collecting rock-solid proofs.
  2. Collect patient’s medical records and work with medical care experts to reveal the cause.
  3. Resist the nursing home to remove evidence with an effective strategy to keep every piece of evidence safe.
  4. Conduct necessary interviews with other residents, staff, victims, and witnesses of abuse, if any.
  5. Present the victim/patient and evidence in the court for justice.

If you are related to any victim of abuse, contact Orlando Law Firm. Our attorneys and lawyers are experienced in fighting against abuse cases while maintaining a better attorney-client relationship.


When the actions or inaction of nursing home employees result in harm, victims of nursing home abuse and neglect and their families have the right to take legal action against the nursing home. All nursing homes are upheld to medical and legal standards. When these standards are neglected or breached, people who suffer injury are entitled to sue.

The type of long-term care facility may determine the type and standard of care, as well as the regulative requirements of the facility. There are three kinds of long-term care facilities in Georgia: personal care homes, intermediate care homes, and skilled nursing facilities. The Georgia Department of Human Resources (DHR) regulates long-term care facilities. At the same time, the Office of Regulatory Service monitors, licenses, registers, and certifies them.


How to Recover Damages in Atlanta, GA Nursing Home Abuse Case

The approach to nursing home abuse cases is different from other types of personal injury claims because the victim is still in a hurtful situation. To strengthen our client’s case, our nursing home abuse attorney will gather all the necessary information, such as your loved one’s medical record, photographic evidence, and interview employees and witnesses of the abuse. After that, our Atlanta, GA, elder abuse attorney will consult medical experts to determine the real cause of the elderly’s injuries.

We will also help ensure the nursing home doesn’t attempt to block access to relevant information, so we won’t make our legal procedures public up until we are finished with our examination.

In Atlanta, GA, damages available in nursing home abuse claims can include the cost of medical bills, pain and suffering, and loss of enjoyment of life. Your Atlanta nursing home abuse attorney can help compile your claim for damages and seek an end to the abuse.

Filing a nursing home abuse claim may allow victims to get justice and compensation from those who are accountable for their pain and suffering. If your elderly had died in a nursing home, and you suspect that it’s due to abuse or neglect, you can sue a nursing home facility and file a wrongful death claim.


In general, you have two years to file a nursing home abuse claim in Atlanta, Georgia. On the other hand, exceptions might apply in some cases that allow an extension of this statute of limitations.

A nursing home abuse lawsuit can take 18 months to settle. But, that depends on the complexities of the specific case. A majority of these claims are settled pre-trial. When a case goes to trial, it can be 24 months or more before it is settled.

If your loved one has been seriously injured due to negligent care in a nursing home, assisted living, or rehab facility, please contact The ORLANDO Firm P.C. via phone or contact form to schedule a free consultation. Nursing home abuse attorneys at our law firm can help you with your elder abuse case. We understand that nursing home abuse and neglect cases require tact, compassion, and sympathy. Our lawyers can provide you a case evaluation and help you figure out what your next steps should be.

We can not guarantee the outcome of your case. However, if we don’t win, you don’t have to pay us anything.

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