DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. — A beloved DeKalb County cafeteria worker was killed in a crash on her way to work Monday morning.

Channel 2′s Tyisha Fernandes was at Bethune Middle School, where Shirley Revere had worked for a decade. She’d worked with the DeKalb County School District for nearly 20 years.

Newschopper 2 was over the scene Monday morning, where someone hit Revere’s car as she drove to work on Covington Highway. around 6 a.m. DeKalb police were still investigating the cause of the crash, but Revere’s co-workers told Fernandes that drivers regularly speed through the area and that the road is dangerous.

“Something gotta be done about this traffic, because it’s too much,” Tamara Knox said. “And they’re going so fast. i be at that stop sign sometimes and the cars come past and shake my car.”

Students remembered how sweet Revere was.

“They were saying good things, like how she was a good person and everybody missed her,” student Mierella Clark said.

“She was a nice lady. She was doing her job,” another student said.

Knox said that everyone is still in shock over Revere’s death.

“I’m still in shock that she’s not coming back,” Knox said. “And I loved her. We love her. I cried all day yesterday.”

The school had a crisis management team at the school Monday and Tuesday. They helped students with their grief by allowing them to talk about their feelings and write them down in journals. Students also wrote letters and cards for Revere.