Butts County couple died in a multi-car crash on their way to watch their son’s football game.

It happened Friday around 7 p.m. along Highway 36 in Lamar County. The Georgia State Patrol says it was a multi-car accident. First a car struck another, causing it to spin into the car Kevin, “K.D.” and Christain, “CeCe,” Sims were in. Authorities pronounced Mrs. Sims dead at the scene. Mr. Sims died at the hospital.

“Kevin didn’t do anything without ‘CeCe’ wouldn’t do anything without ‘Key,'” Mr. Sims’ mother, Felicia Sims said.

Family says the Sims have been “building” with one another since high school, most recently through football coaching and volunteer work.

“They were born to be together, a couple that brought people together,” she said.

Family says they were football fanatics who died on their way to watch their son’s football game.

“People have reached out saying they’re going to miss seeing K.D. up and down on the sideline when [his son] plays ball,” his mother said.

“If it was your first time meeting him, it’d be like you knew him your whole life,” she said. “They both were welcoming to everybody.”

The two have three children together, K.D. has five in all. Loved ones are working to figure out what is next for the children but say they’re inspired by the family’s commitment to the community.

“I learned more about my son in death than I did in life,” Terrell Sims said. “People are telling sides of him that I never knew.”

“They served a large purpose in this world. There’s no other reason for them to be gone right now if they didn’t serve their purpose,” Felicia Sims said.

A vigil is set for Friday and a funeral for Saturday.