As an undocumented worker, it is normal that you may feel afraid to act legally when you feel that your rights as a worker are being violated. However, in the United States you can work with work accident lawyers that provide help to Hispanics, in order to assert their rights when you think it is necessary.

In general, when an undocumented worker suffers an accident in the country, he tends to hide it to avoid possible consequences at work or, worse, with the immigration authorities of the United States.What many people do not know is that, as a worker in the USA, you have the same labor rights as any resident citizen, so you have the full power to act legally, in case you believe that your rights as a worker are not being respected.

As we mentioned at the beginning, in the United States you have the same rights as any worker, even if you do not have an assigned immigration status, because labor laws apply to all workers equally.In this sense, if you are an undocumented worker in the United States, you have rights such as:-Receive at least a minimum wage for their work, pay for overtime when necessary, the right to receive tips, as well as breaks and breaks required by law for all occupations.-Work in a safe and healthy place, where you can carry out your work activities without running any risk or danger.-Receive the corresponding benefits as compensation, in case you suffer an accident at work.-Work in an environment free of discrimination and harassment, in which you are not mistreated for reasons such as your origin, race, nationality, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, sex or gender.-Be part of a union in which better working conditions are demanded.In addition, in the event that any of these rights are being violated, you can take legal action to receive legal benefits for the damages that this fact is causing in your daily life.