When it comes to work accidents, these can occur in any labor sector, especially in those in which workers must be exposed to the constant handling of tools and heavy machinery, such as agriculture.
As established by the Migrant and Seasonal Agricultural Worker Protection Act (MSAWPA), employers must guarantee their agricultural workers access to workers’ compensation insurance in cases of accidents and injuries.
 Although some states of the country restrict the coverage of these insurances for agricultural workers, it is always important that you can act with the help of a work injury lawyer, who allows you to know each of your rights, according to the characteristics of your case and what is stipulated by law.
When suffering an accident in the agricultural sector, the compensation that by law you must receive at the hands of the insurer that your employer has contracted, must cover essential expenses, such as doctors, treatments, among many others that the accident may generate.
Some of the most common expenses that can be recovered through compensation are the following:
-Medical care expenses.
-Prescription drugs.
-Clinical studies.
-lost wages
-Lost employment benefits
In addition, by having the support of a team of labor lawyers, you will be able to claim an amount for other consequences that may be caused by injuries at work, such as the stress and depression that the event may cause you.