COBB COUNTY, Ga. — Before his shift even started one morning last month, Sergeant Beasley with the Cobb County Sheriff’s Office was already protecting and serving.

While driving down I-75 on his way to work, Sgt. Beasley noticed an overturned tractor-trailer that police had not yet responded to.

Beasley noticed a car was stuck partially underneath the truck and blocked by trees with the driver still stuck inside. The officer was able to help get the uninjured driver out of the car.

As he continued walking into the woods, Beasley noticed a second overturned car as well as the cab of the tractor-trailer, both of which still had their drivers trapped inside.

Police say he grew concerned about the possibility of a fire because diesel was leaking onto the ground and parts of the engine were smoking.

Body camera video shows Beasley, now assisted by citizens and other officers, pull one of the drivers from the car and over to safety.

All three drivers were successfully and safely removed from their cars and taken for additional medical care.