COLUMBUS, Ga. — A Columbus woman is recovering at Grady Memorial Hospital after police said she was attacked by a pit bull and had to have part of her leg amputated following the attack.

Kim Golden told WTVM-TV that she works with NeighborWorks Columbus, which is a nonprofit organization that finds housing for people in need.

She was with another co-worker checking out a property on Curtis Street on Wednesday. They said the house was locked up, so they started walking around the outside to inspect the property when the dog attacked.

“I’m walking around to the front while I check the side of the house, and then next thing I remember is the dog was kind of coming up. I actually thought he was being friendly. Next thing, I know he is on my leg,” Golden told the TV station.

Sgt. Earl Osbin with the Muscogee County Sheriff’s Office was on patrol in the area, when someone in a pickup truck waved him down.

“I noticed a crowd of people and an elderly lady came up to me and told me that a lady had been bit,” Osbin said. “That’s the worst bite I’ve ever seen. I’ve been in service for 35 years with the Sheriff’s Office … and I’ve never seen a bite like that.”

Golden told WTVM that she is suffering from “phantom limb” now that part of her left leg is gone.

“That’s been one of the craziest parts. My foot really hurts, but I don’t have a foot anymore,” Golden said.

The TV station has since spoken to the man who owns the home where the attack happened.

Edward Murray told WTVM that he feels bad for what happened but said Golden shouldn’t have been on his property.

“I feel sorry for that lady, believe me. I am so sorry that that happened ma’am, but you came onto my property,” Murray said.

Murray his dog Cowboy was protecting his home.

“After all these robberies and break-ins and stuff — my wife is elderly and myself — after all this time we need protection,” Murray said.

WTVM said at this time, Golden did not have any comments on Murray’s claims.

“I’m sorry that that happened to you, but next time pay attention to your surroundings,” Murray said.

Cowboy is currently in quarantine at the Muscogee County Animal Control Center.

Information from WTVM-TV used for this article.