Everything You Need to Know About Georgia Hit-and-Run Accidents

Getting injured in a car accident is always stressful, but victims of hit-and-run accidents face even further challenges. This article will cover everything you need to know if the other driver fled the scene.

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The Basics of Hit-and-Run Accidents in Georgia

When you are hit by a car, you may assume that the driver responsible for the accident will pull over and help you get the necessary medical attention, compensation, and coverage that you deserve.

However, in certain instances, drivers mercilessly drive away, leaving you behind at the scene of the accident with no sort of help whatsoever. So, it is essential to familiarize yourself with everything concerning hit-and-run cases and how you can handle such situations.


Georgia Hit-and-Run Accidents: What Are the Hit-and-Run Laws in Georgia?


If the at-fault driver fled the scene of an accident resulting in injury to you or a loved one, it’s essential to understand the laws that may apply to your case. The following is an overview of Georgia’s relevant hit-and-run laws.

Laws Governing Hit-and-Run Accidents Georgia

Georgia law states that any driver who gets involved in an accident, especially one that leads to the injury or death of a pedestrian or other motorist, must immediately stop at the scene or as close as possible and return to the scene of the accident. Once at the scene of the accident and without obstructing traffic, the driver will be required to remain at the scene and;

  • Offer reasonable assistance to any person who may have gotten injured. This assistance includes offering transport or making arrangements to receive medical or surgical treatment if need be. They will also provide transportation if the injured person has requested it.
  • Offer reasonable effort when the injured is unconscious, appears deceased, or otherwise cannot communicate. This is done by making sure to contact the emergency medical services and local law enforcement. This is also to report the incident and request help.
  • Give their name, vehicle registration number, car insurance information, and address, and upon request, exhibit their driving license to the person struck or to the person with whom the driver collided.
  • The driver will have to remain at the accident scene until all these requirements are met and fulfilled.

When a driver of any vehicle has collided with another vehicle, they will be required to stop, locate and inform the vehicle owner. Alternatively, in cases of an unattended vehicle, the at-fault driver will have to leave a written notice giving their name and address and will be required to place it in a conspicuous area on the vehicle involved in the accident.

If you get injured, and none of this is adhered to by a driver, you are likely in a hit-and-run situation. Although the situation might feel hopeless, you may still be able to recover compensation.

How to Get Compensation for Hit-and-Run Crashes in Georgia

Trying to recover compensation for a hit-and-run accident can be challenging, especially when it is evident that the driver was at fault but fled the scene and is nowhere to be found. If, by chance, you had captured the vehicle’s registration number or any other helpful information about the driver or car, you can quickly pursue compensation.

For you to get compensation in circumstances where the driver fled, and you have no evidence to prove this, you can wait for your local police department to apprehend the driver. Georgia takes hit-and-run cases very seriously, so the police do not let such cases slide. They do so by gathering evidence from witnesses or reviewing traffic surveillance. In this way, they’re able to find the culprit, and in return, you can identify the individual from whom you’ll claim compensation.

Alternatively, you can opt for a hit-and-run lawyer in Georgia who will review your case, help you locate the driver, or develop alternative ways of helping you get compensation. The Orlando Firm is an excellent example of a law firm that is experienced with such cases.

What Does a Police Officer Do in a Hit-and-Run Situation in the State of Georgia?


Apart from giving first aid and calling medical personnel, your local police department will conduct investigations by interviewing other drivers in the area where the accident occurred. They also interview other pedestrians and any other witnesses who may be able to give information.

More so, they do a thorough search of the area and its surroundings where the accident occurred, trying to come up with clues of what happened as they also trace the whereabouts of the fleed driver and the vehicle involved in the hit-and-run. 

What Are the Various Penalties for Georgia Hit-and-Run Accident Cases?

If you do find yourself in a hit-and-run accident and you were able to capture the operator’s license plate, or the local police department was able to get leads, they’ll help you get justice by filing hit-and-run charges against the at-fault driver. Some of the penalties are as follows:

  • If the hit-and-run led to the loss of an individual’s life or serious injuries, the driver who knowingly failed to stop would be charged with a felony. In such a felony, the penalty would be imprisonment between one and five years. If the driver is convicted, they will also face a four-month driver’s license suspension.
  • Suppose the accident in the hit-and-run resulted in a less severe injury or minor property damage to the vehicle. In that case, the driver will be convicted of a misdemeanor and will be penalized as follows:
    • The first conviction is fined between $300 and $1000 or a jail term of up to one year or both.
    • A second hit-and-run conviction within five years will be fined between $600 and $1000 or jail time of up to a year or both.
    • A third or subsequent conviction will be fined a $1000 fine or up to one year jail time or both.


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