Herniated Disc Lawsuit

A herniated disc lawsuit is often the best option for receiving financial compensation when you have been injured due to property negligence or a vehicular accident.

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What Is Considered in Calculating Your Herniated Disc Settlement Amount?

When determining a herniated disc settlement amount, your lawyer will consider several things. These include the jurisdiction, the insurance company, and the severity of the injuries. An Atlanta auto accident lawyer can help you get a settlement of between $75,000 and $350,000 depending on the circumstances.

Whether your injuries were caused by property negligence or due to an auto accident, choosing the right Atlanta attorney like The Orlando Firm can ensure that your herniated disc lawsuit is successful.

Get Help Seeking Bulging Disc Compensation

To fight for a fair bulging disc compensation, Atlanta catastrophic injury attorneys will explain the difference between a bulging disc and a herniated disc. A bulging disc exists if a part of the disc extends beyond where it should be. This is usually due to aging. A herniated disc is generally caused by an injury. It implies that the outside of the disc is cracked, allowing the inner part of the disc to distend out of the disc.

Approximately 20% of individuals have a herniated disc. These are often the result of a serious fall or a car or truck accident that placed considerable force on the spinal column. These painful injuries are irreversible, making them life-long reminders of the incident and worthy of a sizable financial compensation.

Whether it was caused by a truck accident, a motorcycle accident, or some other cause, an Atlanta lawyer will help litigate a herniated disc lawsuit.

Herniated Disc Injury Settlements with Steroid Injections GA

Herniated disc injury settlements with steroid injections GA is one of several options you can pursue. This treatment method can be expensive which is why some pursue it as part of their settlement.

A course of anti-inflammatory drugs coupled with physical therapy is one of the first methods attempted to relieve the pain of a herniated disc. If that is unsuccessful, steroid injections into the spinal column are introduced to reduce pressure and swelling. The most common type is an interlaminar epidural injection into the epidural space. A transforaminal epidural injection, also referred to as a nerve block, is an injection of local anesthetic and steroid into the area where the spinal nerves exit. If a back surgery does not provide relief, caudal epidural injections through the sacral hiatus into the epidural space is used.

Ongoing treatment can become expensive, and a debilitating injury can limit the types of work you can do. Contact an expert Atlanta attorney like those at Orlando Law for expert advice regarding your herniated disc lawsuit.


The Orlando Firm are your personal injury attorneys with the experience to win.