If a driver hits a pedestrian who has the right-of-way (meaning, who is in a crosswalk and has a green crosswalk indicator if in an intersection with a traffic light) at the time of the accident, the driver will be at fault. 

The pedestrian will bear at least part of the fault if he or she is on the street illegally when the accident occurs. While you may be able to recover damages (in no event is a vehicle to hit a pedestrian), you may not be entitled to full compensation. 

Pedestrian accidents often result in more serious injuries than car or truck accidents. A pedestrian who is struck by a vehicle is at risk of catastrophic or even fatal injuries, as he or she has no protection to protect him or her from the impact of the collision. 

If you have been injured in a pedestrian accident, you may want to contact an attorney who will help you determine who is at fault and help you negotiate a fair claim settlement. 

Under Georgia law, a pedestrian has the right-of-way if he or she is crossing the street in a crosswalk. If there is a red “do not cross” signal at a signalized intersection, pedestrians must wait for the signal to change before they can legally cross at the crosswalk. 

Drivers must yield to all pedestrians who are on the same side of the road as them or when the pedestrian is less than one lane from the driver’s side of the road.