Six Flags employee dies after falling out of a van

Authorities say an actor in the park’s fright fest died after falling out of a van. There were seven people and the driver. Police say this was a cargo van. They were not in seats, not buckled in. They were sitting in the back when one woman fell out while the van was moving.


An employee of Six Flags Over Georgia is dead after a “car accident” over the weekend, according to park officials.

It was Sunday evening. Scare actors for the park’s Fright Fest were getting ready for the night. Cobb County police say a 27-year-old female park employee was driving seven of the cast and crew members through the park to their locations.

One employee who did not want to be identified said that’s typical.

“The actors were always transported in the vans because they don’t want actors in makeup going through different parts of the park, so they go behind the scenes,” the worker told FOX 5.

Investigators said five adults and two juveniles were riding in the back of a Ford Econoline van.

“It’s a cargo van, so there are no seats back there. At some point, making a maneuver in the park, one of the passengers was ejected from the van and sustained serious severe head trauma,” said Cobb County Police Sgt. Wayne Delk.

Andrea Crook, 43, of Villa Rica, was identified as that passenger.  The van was making its way through a left, uphill curve when it happened. Crook sustained head injuries and was transported to Grady Memorial Hospital with severe, life-threatening injuries. She was later pronounced deceased at the hospital.

Investigators are now looking at whether the driver will face charges.

“Investigators are looking at several different factors to determine what charges would be appropriate, but yes there’s definitely a potential for charges,” said Sgt. Delk.

Crook’s friends told FOX 5 she was a wife and mother of three.

“I know everyone who spent time with her, truly loved her. She really had such a team behind her at all times and brought a lot of joy to a lot of different people. I just really hope everyone is sending some good energy to Andrea’s family,” said the employee.

The theme park sent the following statement:

“Our hearts and our thoughts are extended to the family of the employee as well as all those impacted by this tragic automobile accident; we are heartbroken,” said Six Flags Over Georgia Park President, Dave Zellner.

The park said it is providing support to those affected by the death and would fully cooperate with Cobb County police as they investigate.

The Cobb County Police Department is asking anyone with information about the incident to call them at 770-499-3987.