Tips to Avoid a Rear-End Car Accident

Jul 7, 2021 | News

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), “A rear-end crash refers to a crash in which the front of one vehicle collides with the rear of another vehicle…Rear-end crashes are not only one of the frequently occurring types of crashes, but also are responsible for a large number of injuries and fatalities and substantial property damage every year.”



Rear-end accidents are often the cause of pile-ups, or “chain reaction accidents,” or “multiple vehicle collisions,” which typically involve three or more vehicles and begins when two vehicles collide. The speed of travel and the number of vehicles on the road make the initial multi-vehicle crash nearly impossible to avoid. Subsequent collisions are dangerous for all vehicle occupants involved. Still, the passengers of the first two vehicles are at the most significant risk because airbags or other safety features no longer protect them.

Clearly, rear-end car accidents are serious business. If you have been involved in an automobile accident, either a rear-end accident or otherwise.


Fortunately, there are some simple tips for avoiding rear-end crashes, including:

  • Scan Your Surroundings. Constantly visually scan what’s happening all around your vehicle, and check your mirror frequently.
  • Slow Down. Obviously, the faster you drive, the longer it takes for you to stop.
  • Look Far Ahead. Look not only at the vehicle directly in front of you but also at the vehicles two or three vehicles ahead. By looking ahead, you can apply your brakes well in advance of a potential hazard.
  • Brake Smoothly and Steadily. This gives the driver behind you more time to adjust their speed and come to a stop safely.
  • Don’t Tailgate. The three-second rule really does work. Don’t be tempted to drive too closely when other drivers are cutting in front of you.
  • Beware of Other Tailgaters. If another driver is intent on driving too close to you, pull over or aside and let them pass. There are no moral victories in vehicle accidents.
  • Stay in Gear. When stopped in traffic, stay in gear just in case you need to accelerate quickly to prevent a collision with a vehicle approaching from behind.
  • Keep Your Foot on the Brake Pedal. While stopped, keep your foot on the brake pedal so your brake lights can alert approaching drivers that you are stopped. 
  • Use Hazard Lights or Blinkers. Use your hazards to alert other drivers of, for example, highway construction.
  • Make Sure Your Tail-lights Work. Ensure your rear tail-lights are visible, unobstructed and operating properly.


Rear-end car accidents are far too common when they are so preventable. Contact the Orlando Firm injury lawyers for help. We have experience with these types of injuries and will treat you with compassion and respect and treat your claim with efficiency and care. Contact us today for a free consultation call us 404-373-1800.