What to do if someone hits your parked car

Jun 2, 2021 | News

Did you know one in eight American driver’s cruise around without car insurance? Keep your coverage up to date and understand what your policy covers.

Are you wondering what to do if someone hits your parked car? Not to worry. In this guide, we’ll go over steps you should take in the event of an accident.

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Talk to the Driver

If you saw the accident occur or if the driver waited for you, try to stay calm. The other driver didn’t mean to hit your car and is also feeling stressed out.

Record their name, address, and contact information. Ask them for the number to their insurance company. Don’t try and get into the details of the crash.

Sometimes people back into a parked car at a mall or grocery store lot. If they leave a note in your dash, call them right away.


Speak with Witnesses and Gather Information

If you have a chance to speak with some people, ask them to write down what they heard and saw.

You could also write down the notes for them if they don’t want to do it. Make sure the witnesses date and sign the statement you wrote down.

If they don’t want to write a note, ask them if you could record them talking about what they saw with your phone.

Ask for their contact information in case the insurance company or police need to talk with them. If you were at a store, you could see if the owner has video evidence.




Call the Police Right Away

In some states, you must notify the police if there was an accident. They will create a report and could help access security cameras.

The officer will write down details from the accident. All these details will go into an official accident report. You may need this accident report to file a claim with your insurance company.

Ask for a copy of this document and take down the badge number and name of the officer helping you.


What Damages Could Occur?

Depending on the speed of the vehicle that hit your car, the damage could vary from severe to minor.

Your windows or windshield could shatter. You could also have damaged wheels or tires. Keep detailed notes of what happened to your vehicle. This will help you when you need to call your insurance company.



What to Do If Someone Hits Your Parked Car and Runs

You’d want to gather evidence if the driver who hit your vehicle left the scene. Take videos and photos from all angles of the damage. Make sure you take pictures of dents and paint scratches.

Don’t leave out these details.

If you were near a store, you could also ask the police to follow up with the security from the store. It’s difficult to make out license plates from a video.

But if you can find the color and size of the vehicle, you might have an easier time locating the driver.

If someone hit your vehicle and fled the scene, you might want to sit down with a lawyer. They can investigate the accident and try to find extra details for your case.

Your lawyer will go over the details of your case and help you decide the best way to proceed with your claim.


Notify Your Insurance Company

After you have spoken to witnesses and the police, call your insurer right away. Don’t put it off for a few days.

Your insurance agent will tell you what information you’ll need to file a claim. They’ll also explain what to expect during the claims process. Make sure to ask any questions you might have.


How Will Insurance Cover This Crash?

Your insurance could help cover the repair costs to your damaged car. How much or little they cover depends on your policy’s coverage.

Collision coverage will help replace or repair a vehicle hit by another car, no matter whose fault it is. If you can’t find the driver, file a claim with your own car insurance policy’s collision coverage.

You could file with your insurance company’s uninsured motorist property damage. Take this route if the driver isn’t insured.

It’s a rare coverage, but you can recover repair costs at a lower deductible. Your insurer will need a police report. They may take their time investigating the incident.

You might have to pay a deductible at first. Your coverage will depend on your policy limits. The policy limit is the most your insurance will cover for a covered claim.

Having the right car insurance will aid you in the event of a bad situation. Look into your policy and find out what coverage you have.


Premiums Can Increase

You might see your premiums raise after the incident even though it wasn’t your fault. The insurance company might think you’re more prone to accidents.

You might have to pay out of pocket if the cost to repair your vehicle surpasses your policy’s payout.

If you feel like your rate went up too high, you can always shop around for a new plan.

Learn more about how to resolve a car accident claim with the help of an uninsured car attorney.