Why is it important to wear a seatbelt?

Jun 3, 2021 | News

Your life depends on whether you buckle up or not.

Therefore, in the month in which we celebrate love and friendship, the invitation is that you express your love by acting, and performing simple acts that save lives. Fastening the seatbelt is one of those acts. Make sure your children are properly fastened, remind passengers on board your vehicle to do so and of course, give the example yourself and also buckle up.

The death of such renowned personalities like Princess Diana have impacted the world; In that horrific car accident in Paris in which she lost her life, she was riding in the back seats and was not wearing a seatbelt. According to the experts, at the moment of the impact, her chest impacted the front seat which is believed to have taken her life. If she would have been wearing the seatbelt maybe today her story would have a different one.


To love or to lose?
The figures are alarming, in the United States, one in five children die from not wearing the seatbelt or the car seat. This represents 20% of child deaths in automobile accidents, according to data released by the Mortality Analysis Notification System of the National Highway Safety Administration.

According to the latest study by the National Highway Safety Administration of the 37,461 people who died in a car accident, 48% lost their lives due to not wearing a seatbelt.
On the other hand, surviving an accident in which you did not wear a seatbelt also brings consequence that includes battling the insurance companies that in many cases do not want to cover your medical expenses. For this reason, you must hire a reliable lawyer to represent you and seek the best compensation.

Despite saving lives, there are drivers and passengers who still choose not to wear seatbelts, the reasons range from feeling that seat belts are uncomfortable to believe that the safety feature might trap them inside the car in case of an accident.

Life or death, you decide
Many individuals choose not to wear a seatbelt thinking that the airbags are enough to save their lives, but in fact, this could cause them serious injuries or death.

Andreas Rigling from Germany’s Automotive Club who has run crash tests to study what happens to drivers and passengers who do not have a seatbelt indicates that a crash that occurs at 18 miles per hour is not strong enough to trigger the airbags. In this case, without a seatbelt, and without airbags, the driver and passengers will be without any protection. When this type of collision occurs, it is most likely that the head and chest will impact the windshield and that the knees end up impacting the dashboard. If the accident occurs at a speed of 40 miles per hour, it is most likely that the airbags will be a trigger but if the occupants of the vehicle do not wear a seatbelt, they will suffer serious and even fatal injuries.

Secure your loved ones by fastening the seat belt.

Facing death: what happens in an accident and how to prevent it

Love saves, carelessness kills. Ringling emphasizes that if the seatbelt is used in combination with the airbags, lives are saved, but if the seatbelt is not worn, the airbags are not enough to protect the driver and passengers. The crash expert presents five scenarios that will help you understand the tragic consequences of not performing an act as simple as buckling the seatbelt.

  • If a car moves at 30 miles per hour and hits a static object and if the occupant does not wear a seatbelt, the impact will be equivalent to falling from a third story high building. With nothing to support the occupant, his head and hands will be ejected out of the car by breaking the glass of the windshield causing serious injuries such as fracture in the fourth cervical vertebra (neck) and even decapitation.
  • If a car is overturned and the rear passengers do not wear a seatbelt, they will suffer several high impact injuries inside the car. At 60 miles per hour and without a seatbeltpassengers will be expelled. The collision against the glass and the asphalt is similar to being thrown by a catapult at 40 miles per hour. The injuries of the expelled passenger will be serious or fatal especially if it is crushed by the car.
  • If there is a collision, the children who travel in the back of the car without the car seat will be thrown out by the windshield breaking the glass, the child will bounce against the hood and then the ground. At 30 miles per hour and without a seatbelt, a child who weighs approximately 44 pounds will receive an impact with the force of 1100 pounds.
  • A driver without a seatbelt that crashes against a column causes the body to smash into the steering wheel and at the same time the airbag, at 45 miles per hour and without the seatbelt the force of the crash between his face and the airbag will be like hitting his head with a 30-pound mallet.
  • When the rear passengers do not wear the seatbelt they become a ball of steel of 2650-pound that will end up crushing the front passengers. Rear passengers will also suffer serious injuries that put their lives in danger.

These scenarios of terror should be enough encouragement to use the seatbelt and motivate your loved ones to wear a seatbelt at all times even if it is a short trip.

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